where she stops and I begin...

I recognize her glimmer in the rain-streaked window.
I turn and peer
through the glass
but she's gone
leaving only a view of Spring and my own reflection.
Her knowing smile catches my eye
as I brush my teeth
my hair
adjust my glasses.
The vein-lined hands dappled with age
turn each page
as I search for Truth.
Her voice and impetuous laugh consume me.
Our beings intermingle
sometimes not knowing where she stops
and I begin.

She summons the old man to her
long before he finds his way.
I notice him across the room
surrounded by loved ones
nodding at their conversation.
He's quiet
wearing a ball cap and a plaid woolen scarf
to keep away the cold
his glasses slipping down his
drooping nose
The plaid flannel pants and fleece lined slippers
are out of step
with youth lost in pizza and wine.
His soul seems anxious—restless.
I knew him well once
a short time ago.

It seems to me that
two hearts bound in love on this finite earth
are surely drawn to each other again
through some eternal force
of everlasting devotion.
Finally together
yet never truly gone
since I'm still here.



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