On the Other Side

I sometimes long for the other side
when my soul is wanting
to unwind
ponder life
and pray.

You see—over time
I've learned some things
about myself
that I can go
too hard
and too strong
for too long
leaving me
and diminished
gazing out
toward the other side.

I know that it's
not so far away
on a secluded beach
or a snow covered mountain peak
or even in a wood by a stream.

When I bend this way
I claim my private place
of solitude and quiet
to savor some moments
communing with
the morning birds
my current book
a cup of coffee
and my God.

I find some peace
on the other side
of my bedroom door
on a chair
with a table and lamp
on a rug
with a dog
screened in on all sides
with a ceiling and fan
for a wee bit of shelter
and comfort.

And once I find rest
and recover
I gratefully acknowledge
that all I love
and want
and desire
waits right inside
on the other side
of my bedroom door.



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