I never knew...

I never knew the way she cried
if she sucked her thumb
how hard she tried
to climb the highest tree.

I never knew the way she hung
from her knees—upside down
or how she flung
back down to ground again.

I never knew her way to school
if she walked or ran
embraced each rule
or the ribbons in her hair.

I never knew the way she felt
her deepest thoughts of
her life that He dealt
or did she wish for more?

I only knew her tending heart—
that was so large
perfecting each part
of woman, wife, and mom.

I only knew her as my mother
never seeing more
than something other
than what I wanted or desired.

I hope someday to know her
as I never have before.

I hope to know her
as that girl that climbed a tree
who skinned her knee.
The friend—I never knew before.



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